Do toddlers really care about the theme of their birthday parties?! OF COURSE THEY DO! Well, in my head they do at least. Which is why I painstakingly tried to choose between Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse. We landed on Mickey/Minnie Mouse because, well I thought it would be easier. And also birthday party #1 was an overload of pink, so I thought red would be a nice change.

Even for my planning brain this one was a challenge. As you know, we now live in a very remote part of the world, one where birthday parties, or any large celebrations are not common and often banned by the government (Birthday celebrations (Small) are only allowed within the privacy of your own home). So party supplies are not easy to come by and there is no “running out to Target” to grab something you forgot. Good thing I like to do things ahead of time and so I was able to get things ordered in time (thank you Amazon).

My mom set standards high with birthday cakes, so the pressure was on! Luckily I enjoy baking and (as long as it turns out well) find it therapeutic.

The final product – Many Malt Balls were eaten in the process…


Here’s the cake(s) pre decorating. 



Also on the menu – Mickey Quesadillas, Mac n Cheese Cups, Dips, Chips and other snacks. IMG_1579


Kids had fun with the Cookie (= Biccie in 2 year old language)  decorating station and went home with fun filled goodie bags (which I failed to photograph)DSC_0017 These Wilton icing tubes made things way easier and potentially a lot less messy – I got them in multiple colors. 

Little Love had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed having everyone sing Happy Birthday to her. She’s growing way too fast, can anyone make this stop?